November 11, 2014

Plans and More Plans

I completed the outline for Nikki Moves. I already had the one for Grace Under Pressure done. I’m thinking of going with a non linear story line with Nikki’s project. I will no longer post new chapters on this blog, just excerpts from time to time. My goal is for Nikki to clock in around 15k words and Grace in around 30k. First job is to revise what I’ve already written and get my word count up on each chapter. Then I’ll start writing and presenting chapters in serial fashion. As a rule there should only be one golden copy of each chapter so there is some cleaning up I’ll have to do. I’m currently reading On Writing by Stephen King and Write, Publish, Repeat by Platt and all. What I’m learning is that while writing can be fun, you have to put in some work if you want a finished product with some shelf life.

November 9, 2014

Remix Part 3

I spend a great deal of time reading fiction, mostly science fiction and mysteries. However not everything I read is that enjoyable. There have been many times after reading a book that I say to myself, “I could have done a  better job. I’ve started writing projects before, never to finish them. I planning to give it another try. One thing I know I need is lots of practice writing, and maintaining a blog is one way to do that. So along those lines I’m revamping this blog along with my other sites with the hopes of completing a project and actually getting it published. Published in this case means taking the self publishing route. I plan for this blog to be a central point of all my writing projects. My goal is a genre I’m calling ‘urban science fiction’  or speculative urban fiction. And it will center around characters Nikki and Grace. Enough talk time to get started.

November 8, 2014

Nikki Gets A Chance

The guy Ernie said they would be taking applications until 10:30. She just had to make it there in time. No easy feat if she were to take her daughter’s car. It was a red Cavalier with a manual transmission that she had driven only a few times. Her “handyman” Leroy had given her some info on what couriers did, and she had to show up with a car that got good gas mileage. That meant she couldn’t show up in her Explorer looking out of touch. She had only finished paying off the Cavalier a few months ago. She had taken the payments over from her daughter who didn’t want it around any more. Lisa had bought it for her boyfriend at the time so he could get a job and drive it to work. All the nigga did was drive around during the day with other women he had met at night at strip clubs. Actually had to take Lisa and creep so she could see for her own eyes how the car was being used.

“Why you heading this way?” Lisa asked Nikki.

“Just wanna see this lady about some Mary Kay”, replied Nikki.

“I could have gotten you a good deal on a new order.”

“Isn’t that TJs car right there?”

“No, he’s playing ball with his boys.”

“Lisa, you know those are his plates, don’t pretend you don’t!”

“He must have left it here and got a ride.”

“Call him right now, and ask him what he’s doing, tell him you’re having car trouble”, Nikki said as she parked.”

“You tripping!” Shouted Lisa.

“No, you the one tripping Lisa, Call him now!”

After the call he came outside with one of his Magic City girlfriends and that was the end of that.

It ain’t easy trying to do better Nikki thought, but she wasn’t with staying in the place she was now in. She wasn’t that good with directions and barely made it to Ernie’s in time.Phoenix isn’t that big of a place, but Ernie’s was located out on the outskirts and wasn’t easy to find. It appeared to be nothing more than a small used car lot. She stepped inside a small office and was greeted by a middle-aged man.

“Can I help you miss?”

“Yes, I’m here to apply for the job.”

“I’m sorry, but there aren’t any openings for secretaries.”

“I’m here for the courier position!” Nikki now knew she shouldn’t have showed up in business attire. She had on a two piece suit with slight heels.

“Ma’am being a courier can be hard work! Can you lift 30 pounds?”

“I know there are other women couriers out there, I can handle it.”

“Do you know your way around? Will you be on time?”

“Just give me a chance, If I don’t do a good job, don’t pay me!”

“What’s your name?”


“Well Nikki, I’m going to hold you to that, why don’t come inside and fill out some paperwork.”